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Autotest - Handling Circuit

If straight line speed is not your cars strongest point then head over to the Autotest Area to put your driving driving skills through their paces. Forget horsepower and cc’s… serious arm work will be required on the steering wheel to get the best time, you might even find a bit of handbrake will get you around the very tightest corners quickest.

The Autotest is completely FREE to enter. All you need to do is show your driving licence and fill in the sign-on form. There is a trophy up for grabs, which will be presented to the day's quickest runner.

Signing On Procedure

  1. Walk over to the Autotest circuit signing on at the start of the course.
  2. Fill in the disclaimer form and present your driving licence.
  3. You may now move your vehicle over to the Autotest circuit fire-up road and await your turn.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The Autotest circuit is ONLY for road legal cars. No slick tyres etc.
  2. Seatbelt is mandatory
  3. No Passengers allowed.
  4. A 5 second penalty will be added if you hit ANY part of the circuit. 3 penalties and the run is VOID
  5. Any reckless driving or failure to comply with the instructions of marshals will result in your immediate removal from site.

Retro Show 2015 Autotest Times

Chris Wright was the winner in his Mini Van for the fourth consecutive year.

Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Chris Whight Mini Van 21.75
Ben Bury Nissan 200SX 23.69
Ben Cooper Ford Fiesta 24.09
Adam Reeder Peugeot 309 24.15
Lee Conlon Ford Escort Mk4 24.37
Colin Stickland Mazda MX-5 25.41
Ed Morris Mazda MX-5 25.57
Lennon Widdows Ford Escort 25.72
Matt Sevens Toyota Starlet 25.84
James Jones Ford Escort Mk2 26.41
Bill Cook Talbot Sunbeam Lotus 26.53
Andew Williams Austin 95 28.38
Oliver Hutchings-Smith Ford Capri 29.22
Sam Calvert Ford Escort Mk3 30.19
Jack Hassall VW Golf Mk2 31.81
Jake Morris VW T25 32.79

Retro Show 2014 Autotest Times

Chris Wright was once again the winner in his Mini Van.

Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Chris Whight Mini Van 34.66
Colin Stickland Mazda MX-5 37.09
Scott Shepard Ford Fiesta  37.34
Valentin Obukkov Volvo 360 37.75
Keith Woods BMW E30 39.25
Mr S. Morris Porsche 944 39.81
Dan Mclean Mini Clubman 39.85
James Botson Hillman IMP 40.41
Ivan Reed  BMW E21 40.72
James Bottrill Volvo 343 42.31
Jamie Nicoc Volvo 340  47.74

Retro Show 2012 Autotest Times

Chris Wright won for the second year running in his Mini Van.

Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Chris Whight Mini Van 16.97
Ivan Reed BMW E21 323i 17.03
Scott Shepherd Triumph Spitfire 18.53
Steven Hayes Cortina MR5 20.06
Ben Whitworth Ford Escort 20.13
Steven Morris Saab 93 Vert 20.18
Jeremy Lawton Mercedes 190e 20.55
Jon Arnold Toyota Celica GT4 20.59
Zak Williamson Ford Fiesta 20.82
Richard Arnold MG ZR 21.05
Dirk McLean Mini Cooper 21.06
James Mercedes 190e 21.52
Charlie Vaughan 190e?? 21.93
James McLean Porsche 944 Turbo 22.37
Nathan Strudwick Triumph Spitfire 22.82

Retro Show 2011 Autotest Times

The winner of the 2011 Autotest was Chris Wright in his Mini Van.


Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Chris Wright Mini Van 19.97
Frank Frostfa Ford escort  20.1
Stuart Simons MG midget 1275  20.28
Jamesw Mc Williams  Austin mini  21.78
Dan Burton Ford fiesta 22.13
Tim Whiatm Innocent cooper 1300 22.25
Paul Barenam  BMW 340  22.28
Liam Payne  MK2 fiesta popt 22.32
Jeremy Lawton Mercedes 190 3.6  22.56
Lennon Widdows  Renalt 19 16V 23.6
Frank Hayes Corina crusader  23.66
Graham Waters  Hyundi coupe  23.78
Ryan Oliver  Ford fiesta 23.83
Steven Morris  Mercedes 190 2.0 ANTO  23.94
Ben Whitworth  Ford fiesta 24.31
Scott Shepherd  Triumph spitfire 1500 24.53
Chris Graham  Triumph spitfire 1500 24.62
Neil Armstrong  Rover coupe turbo  24.8
Christopher Mathson  Mercedes 190 D 25.31
Mick Ward  Fiat 133  26.03
M Parller Sierra  31.59

Retro Show 2010 Autotest Times

The winner of the 2010 Autotest was Matthew Mayman in his Mini 1000.


Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Matthew Mayman Mini 1000 19.28
Chris Whight Mini Van 19.84
Ivan Reed BMW E21 323i 19.93
Mark Wilkinson Talbot Samba Rallye 20.13
Liam Payne Fiesta 1.1 Pop 20.41
Rob Sanguy Ford Fiesta 1.1 20.41
Leigh Taylor Mini Mayfair 20.53
Dave Brooks Toyota Starlet KP62 20.63
Richard Arnold MG ZR 23.62
Zak Williamson VW Passat 23.78
Jeremy Lawton Merc 190 23.88
A Kelly MG Metro 23.96
Jai Kotmari Bertone X1/9 24.96
Mark Parker Ford Sierra 25.31
Steve Morris E300 TD Estate 25.84
Olie Nickless Mk 2 Fez 1.1 28.53
James Coleman BMW E28 525e 28.94
Steve Commons Ford Cortina 40

Retro Show 2009 Autotest Times

The winner of the 2009 Autotest was Chris Whight again in his Mini Van.


Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Chris Whight Mini Van 20.75
Shadi Eddin Ginetta G4 21.15
Liam Payne Ford Fiesta 21.90
Mark Wilkinson Talbot Samba 22.30
Joss Ronchetti Mini Cooper S 22.31
Mark Skeen Peugeot 205 GTI 22.75
Steve Morris Mercedes 190 23.65
S J Simmons MG Midget 1275 23.66
Joss Ronchetti Talbot Sunbeam Lotus 23.69
Andy Cross Ford Escort 23.94
Mark Low Mercedes 190e 24.00
Sean Chess Ford Fiesta 24.06
S.Stone Ford Fiesta 24.47
Scott Turner Mini 7 24.56
Jeremy Lawton M.B  24.63
Matt Eggleton mk2 Golf GTI 25.00
K.Harris A H Sprite 25.07
Jai Kothari Fiat Uno Turbo 25.15
Carl Gratton Mercedes 190 25.41
Gary Bateman Fiat Coupe  25.63
Darren Harley Modeo Zetec S 26.03
Zak Williamson Ford Fiesta 26.09
Ben Rowland Audi Coupe 26.34
Tim Winton Mercedes 190e 26.36
Tim Buttolph Datson Sunny 26.41
Andy Shervington Toyota Starlet 26.50
Nick Froome Mercedes E300 26.97
Chris Etherington Vauxhall Cav Mk1 27.62
A.Snowdon Mazda  27.81
Terry Davies Ford Escort 27.82
Carl Gray Ford Capri 27.94
Paddy Lawson Austin Meastro 28.31

Retro Show 2008 Autotest Times

The winner of the 2008 Autotest was Chris Whight in his Mini Van.


Name Car Make & Model Best Time
Chris Whight Mini Van 26.06
Ivan Reed BMW 323i 26.94
Pete Shorrel Mazda MX5 27.09
D.Harling 205 Gti 27.28
David Tapp VW Corrado 960 27.68
Stuart Simons MG Midget 1275 27.78
W Gill Astra Gte  28.69
S Morris Mercedes 190 29.00
Andrew Newman Toyota Mr2 29.12
Steve Nolan Escort Mexico 29.15
Colin Stickland VW Golf Gti 29.22
Ashley Elworthy VW MK1 Golf 29.25
Alistair Lobban Mini 29.38
Richard Chester  Audi S4 29.44
Paul Brighton Escort MK1 29.81
Stuart Howell Honda CRX 30.56
Liam Horn Ford Escort 30.88
Richard Warnes Vauxhall Chevette 30.91
Adam Newman Toyota Mr2 31.20
Dean Rice Ford Mondeo 1.8 31.56
Matthew Chesterman Renault Clio 1.2 31.63
Paul Johnson Ford Cortina GT 31.97
Paddy Larson Rover Metro 32.78
Rachel Grassby BMW 323i 33.81
Jamie Short Cortina GT 36.53
Polly Naylor VW Polo GT 36.63
Phillip Cheung Ford Mondeo D 38.20
DJ Chyrsler PT Cruiser 38.63
Abi Tether VW Microbus 38.65

Retro Show 2007 Autotest Times

Driver Car Best Time
Paul Norris Sun Talbot 35.57
Chris White Mini Van 36.53
Steve Young Fiesta XR2 38.28
Paul Baveham BMW 335 38.37
Duncan Rees Sierra 40.5
Steve Dray 105E 40.81
Damian Pope Peugeot 306 41.25
Bob Haman MkII Cortina 41.63
Kevin Harris Mexico 42.07
Steve Morris Mercedes 190 42.5
Mark Cox Nissan Silvia 42.56
Dave Brooks BMW 3 Estate 42.58
Dan Wright VW Golf TDI 42.62
Malcolm Pavis Scineitan GTE 42.72
Ross Keeler Suzuki Cappo 42.9
Andrew Patom Mondeo V6 43.07
Lee Snixeu VW Golf GTI 43.35
David Phillips Peugeot 306 43.88
Chris Godden MG Midget 44.1
Dan Bolton VW Golf GTI 44.75
Lee Snixeu VW Golf GTI 44.84
James Railton Tv Acclaim 44.85
Julian Reynolds Rover SDI 45.25
Christian Skelton Metro 49.09
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